Cthulhu Fluxx board game review

I’ve got to be honest here. I’ve struggled a bit with how to review Cthulhu Fluxx. Or just regular Fluxx for that matter. It’s a super simple game that is nearly impossible to explain quickly. At its core, it’s a card game where you pick up a card from the deck and then play a … Continue reading Cthulhu Fluxx board game review


The Soundtrack of My Life

Warning: this is going to be a long post. Consider yourself warned. I wanted to try something a bit different with this post. Instead of talking about board games, I’d like to talk about a completely different subject. I know, I know. Heresy! But bare with me. I want to talk about my other obsession … Continue reading The Soundtrack of My Life

Nightmare board game review

Nightmare is an atmospheric video board game that I played endlessly during my childhood. Some of you may remember it from it's alternate title: Atmosphere (see what I did there? I called it an Atmospheric game?). Nightmare is played using a board AND a VCR. You see kids, before you could just stream everything right … Continue reading Nightmare board game review

Welcome to the Dungeon/ Welcome Back to the Dungeon board game review

You know where you are? You’re in the dungeon baby. You’re gonna diiiiiiiieeeee! Ok so I’m doing a twofer here but not because I’m a nice guy or anything. Mostly it’s just because I’m lazy and since I have both editions of this game, I actually play them together. If you read my review of … Continue reading Welcome to the Dungeon/ Welcome Back to the Dungeon board game review